UPDATETHE 25 DAYS OF MINIS project has ended for the year, but there are plenty of new floral minis available, with new cuties being painted almost daily!  Shipping in the US is FREE.  Click HERE to choose your favorites!

Floral minis, to be exact!  I am introducing one joy-filled floral mini painting each day through Christmas, December 25, 2017.  That's twenty-five 6" x 6" original paintings in all, each framed, wired and ready to hang.  The perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

And, as my gift to you, all purchases that include one or more of my 25 Days of Minis floral paintings will ship FREE in the U.S.  No coupon code required.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  And, sign up for my email so you won't miss a thing! 

Give flowers that last forever and add a mini CELEBRATION to your life!

What is the 25 Days of Minis, you ask?  Click HERE for the Facebook page.   More about me HERE.

New!  Sets of art cards featuring joy-filled floral celebration paintings.  Get yours HERE!

Day 1 - click on photo
Day 1 - click on photo

http://www.merrillweber.com/search/label/FLORAL MINIS
Day 2 SOLD - Click on photo for more floral minis
Day 3 - click on photo

Day 4 - SOLD - click on photo for more floral minis
 Day 5 - Click on photo
Day 5 - click on photo
Day 6 - Sold - click on photo for more
Day 6 - SOLD - click on photo for more floral minis
Day 7 - click on photo
 Day 7 - click on photo
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 Day 9 - SOLD - click on photo for more floral minis
Day 10 - click on photo

  Day 11 - click on photo

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Day 20 - click on photo
Day 21 - Sold - click on photo for more minis
Flower painting by artist Merrill Weber original acrylic on canvas 6 x 6  framed Celebration 110
Day 22 - Click on photo
Floral mini painting by Merrill Weber
Day 23 - Click on photo

Original joy-filled floral painting 6" x 6" acrylic on stretched canvas Framed with a natural wood floater frame, wired and ready to hang One in a series of framed floral mini paintings by Pennsylvania artist, Merrill Weber
Day 24 - Click on photo

Floral painting by artist Merrill Weber, one in a series of floral minis, as seen on Instagram and Facebook
Day 25 - Click on photo