This 7x5-inch oil painting, STARFISH, is a one-of-a-kind piece that captures the beauty of a starfish resting in the sand on a beach, with the vast ocean stretching behind it. The brushstrokes are bold and expressive, giving the painting a sense of movement and energy. The colors are vibrant and bold, evoking the warmth and radiance of the sun on the water.

The starfish is a symbol of resilience, adaptability, and regeneration. Its ability to regenerate lost limbs and recover from injuries makes it a powerful metaphor for overcoming obstacles and rising from adversity. In many cultures, the starfish is also seen as a symbol of guidance, as its star-shaped body is often associated with celestial navigation. In this sense, the starfish can be seen as a guide that helps us find our way through life's challenges and difficulties.

STARFISH is part of the Just Add Water series, which celebrates the beauty and majesty of all things water, including the ocean and its inhabitants. The starfish in the painting is a striking subject, with its delicate yet sturdy limbs and delicate, star-shaped body. The artist has captured the texture of the sand and the gentle lapping of the waves, creating a scene that is both peaceful and serene.

This painting would make a stunning addition to any collection. It serves as a reminder of the beauty of the natural world and the endless possibilities that await us when we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the sea.

  • Oil on museum Gessobord
  • Painting size: 7x5-inches 
  • Framed size: 13x11-inches
  • Signed
  • Archival varnish
  • Framed in a beautiful gold leaf wood frame (see photo)
  • Wired and ready to hang
  • By fine artist, Merrill Weber


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