When I was a child, I had a deep love for strawberries. 

Every summer, my family would take a trip to the local strawberry farm to pick our own. The warm sun on my skin, the sweet smell of the strawberries, and the excitement of finding the biggest and ripest berries made for the perfect summer day.
I remember my mom would always give me a normal basket to fill with as many strawberries as I could find. I would wander through the rows of strawberry plants, searching for the perfect berries. Some were small and red, while others were large and still a bit white. I always went for the big, red ones, as they were the sweetest.
After we finished picking, we would bring our baskets to the farm stand to weigh them and pay for our haul. My mom would always buy extra strawberries for us to take home and make into jams and pies.
But my favorite way to eat strawberries was straight from the basket, still warm from the sun. I would sit on the porch and savor the taste of each berry, juice running down my chin.
To this day, the taste of a ripe strawberry takes me back to those summer days on the farm, and the simple joy of picking and eating them with my family.
BERRY DELIGHT is a beautiful oil painting that showcases delicious, ripe strawberries. Shadows are used to give the piece depth and texture. The brushstrokes are bold and full of movement, giving the painting a lively and energetic feel. The painting comes in a sleek white frame, it's ready to be hung on your wall.
BERRY DELIGHT would be a great addition to any art collection and it would bring a touch of joy to any room. 
BERRY DELIGHT is one of three Les Petits Fruits oil paintings, including CHERRIES JUBILEE and CHEERS TO CHERRIES. 
  • Original oil painting on hardboard
  • Painting size:  6x6-inches 
  • Framed size:  7.2x7.2-inches
  • Signed
  • Archival varnish
  • Framed in a beautiful white custom frame (see photo)
  • Wired and ready to hang
  • By fine artist, Merrill Weber
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